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Our Introduction

About Us

We compete by offering our customers the best possible experience in the transport industry. We have

15 years of experience in the transportation environment. We have 60 vehicles now.

Our devotion towards the job, professional background, overriding attention to service, forward

thinking, reliability, cost efficiency, competitive rates, and promptness in matters of payments with

fellow freight forwarders are the main reasons for our rapid development.

We provide the best solution through established services and strategic alliances, offering each customer

a unique transportation and consultancy system. This affords our customers the best quality of services

and prices. Our goal is to establish long-term partnerships with our clients by offering on-time services,

monitoring, and evaluation of the quality of each delivery.

OUR MISSION Easy Goods Transport Company

To provide a single source to our customers for logistics solutions as a Goods Transport Company,

facilitating as container Services and as state of the art container terminal, we will exceed expectations

for quality, execution, and service, in ways that develop long-term, mutually profitable customer


OUR VISION: Easy Goods Transport Company

To be a symbol of excellence in providing superior and trusted logistic company in the world that meets

our customer’s needs and fulfills their expectations.

OUR FUTURE: Easy Goods Transport Company

In the future, we will all face changes and are assure that Easy Goods Transport will continue to provide you with

optimal services and continue to be trustworthy Goods Transportation, Rail Cargo, and Container

Services partner. We will continue striving to ensure that our supply chain solutions are modular in

design, allowing rapid implementation and tailored to customer requirements. We believe in being

competitive in costs as well.


Our ultimate goal is to become the most trusted logistics company in the world. We transport your values and success.

To ensure quality service, open communication, and personal attention, our dedicated staff members

have always managed their responsibilities for each client’s matter. Our devotion towards the job,

professional background, overriding attention to service, forward-thinking, reliability, cost efficiency,

competitive rates and promptness in matters of payments forwarded by fellow freight throughout

Pakistan is the main reasons for our fast development.

Easy Goods Transport is a brand which is being renowned as an ultimate transport solution. We have been

blessed with the companies Trust and Faith. We offer Contract and Common Carrier services to the

clients. We provide services between pre-determined points on a scheduled basis. Our principles and

values are our most distinctive features that include; Trust, Capability, Track-ability, and Cost-effectiveness

for our esteemed clients.

Our values define who we are and what we stand for as a company. Living these values is at the heart of

all that we do, and is demonstrated every day in our interactions with Customers and business partners.

Plot # 43, Sabzazar Truck Stand Bund Road Lahore

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